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 choice photoOn a visit to my Urologist I was asked if I would be interested in being part of a new study of what he considered is the Rolls-Royce of penile prosthesis.

The question kind of caught me off-guard. I had given some thought to an implant but really hadn’t done my typical deep research of the subject.

When I had my Radical Prostatectomy in 2002 I also had a nerve graft procedure done. Nerves taken from my left ankle were used to replace the nerves that were removed by the Radical. The hope was that the nerve graft would take, regenerate and allow for a natural erection.

Well after waiting and hoping for two years I reluctantly had to give up hope that the nerve graft would take.


So I resigned myself to accepting that I would use a “VED”, Vacuum Erection Device, for the rest of my life to achieve an erection. I will say that I did try Carverject and was pleased with the results, but I didn’t care for the after affects of the injection. I found it to be incredibly painful waiting for my erection to return to a flaccid state.

After months of trying different VED’s I had found the perfect one and overall, using a VED was not a problem. Oh, I couldn’t do some things that I could with a natural erection, but I learned to adjust and adapt.

Back to the question I was asked by my Urologist. I told him, yes I would be interested in being part of the study.

Well, the study keep being put on hold and after a year I figured that it wouldn’t take place.

Then one day on a visit to my Urologist he told me that the study was approved and that they were getting 7 of the devices out of about 40 that were distributed to 7 hospitals around the country. He told me that he already had 4 men sign up that day and if I wanted one that I needed to decided right away.

So right then and there, I told him to count me in. I’ve always been an explorer and adventurer and saw this as just another part of my journey with prostate cancer.

On that Tuesday afternoon, my surgery for the implant was scheduled for two days later on Friday. Talk about fast track. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare emotionally for this life changing event. But, because of the prior delays of the study I was able to do all the research I needed. I was as ready as I thought I could ever be. 

So in the next two days I said goodbye to my trusted VED that had served me well and prepared myself for the unknown of what was to come. (No pun intended, well maybe a little bit.)

If you and your partner are dealing with prostate cancer and seeking ways to bring the passion back into your relationship I would suggest getting a copy of “Recaptured Love: Intimacy-Sex and Prostate Cancer.” You can find it right here on this website.

For any couple, the impact that prostate cancer can have on your relationship could be devastating, but it doesn’t have to result in destroying the intimate and sexual relationship you have built through your time together.

I know and trust you’re ready to give your relationship the intimacy and sexuality you both desire. Own your relationship again. Your relationship will thank you.

Coming soon:

Part two: The Surgery, Healing, First Use and What I Found Out First Hand.

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About Kevin Alexzander

Kevin Alexzander

Kevin is an Intimacy-Sex and Prostate Cancer expert. He is also an Intimacy with Prostate Cancer™ Coach and Speaker. In addition to his achievements in business, Kevin has trained and taught martial arts and self-defense for 30+ years. He is a former: Aide to a US Senator; Director of the Detroit Minority Business Development Center; Regional Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Center and Community Builder of the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Kevin lives in SE Michigan with his cat Mr. Tibbs.


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